Arizona Hungarians Together


1. Elderly in Need

If you know of any (elderly) member of the community who needs a helping hand, does not have anyone to talk to, is not able to do their own shopping, or not able to cook for themselves, please email us at

2. Volunteer to Help

If you would be able to do the shopping, provide a home cooked meal for someone in need, or call them some times on the phone to check on them, let us know by emailing us to and signing up to the list of volunteers. We will connect you to them.

4. Online Education

We are providing online education on a weekly basis for the children staying at home through our Napocska Hungarian School. These sessions are focused on language learning and they are divided into three groups. The younger ones (ages approx. 1 months – 5 years) meet every Saturday at 10am, the older ones who are beginner/intermediate Hungarian speakers (ages approx. 6 – 10 years) meet at 11am, and the advanced speakers (ages approx. 10 – 18 years) meet at 12pm. 

5. Online Resources

We are also providing families with activity ideas and some learning material for kids on a regular basis in the Hungarian Parents in Arizona Facebook group. You need to join this closed group in order to access its content.

6. Online Entertainment

We are providing you with information and online entertainment. Please follow our Facebook page in order to access these posts. 

7. Hungarian Owned Businesses

If you know of any Hungarian owned small business in the state of Arizona send us their information and we will feature them on our Social Media and Website. Let us know how can we help them e.g. buy gift cards, shop online, donate, etc.


This whole situation is taking a toll on all cultural organizations as well as small businesses.

If you would like to help our organization be able to continue their activities where we left it off, you can do it in the following ways:

1. Become a member

of our organization meanwhile enjoying some perks like discounts or free admission to some of our events, free translation/interpretation services, free help with filing paperwork for naturalization, getting a Hungarian passport, etc.

Information on how to become a member and pay your membership dues can be found by clicking HERE

2. Become a Sponsor

Pick one of our annual events and become one of the event’s sponsors.

Information on how to become a sponsor can be found HERE.

3. Shop on Square

We still have some mugs that we ordered for the Hungarian Festival AZ, along with tote bags, t-shirts, and some donated items.

4. Shop Amazon Smile

and redirect some of the taxes that you pay to HCAP.

5. Raise funds for us

on Facebook or any other platform. E.g. Ask a donation for HCAP on your birthday on Facebook.

We hope that you all stay safe and healthy!

We are looking forward to seeing you in person again after the quarantine ends.

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HCA Phoenix

The Hungarian Cultural Association of Phoenix (HCAP) is an independent, all-volunteer, educational, charitable and non-partisan organization open to anyone with interest in nurturing the Hungarian language and culture, regardless of world view, nationality, or religion. Our goal is to nurture the Hungarian language, culture, identity, and traditions, and make them available to present and future generations through educational programs, celebrations, commemorative events, and social gatherings. Through our mission, we aim to broaden familiarity with the Hungarian culture within the American community, thereby nurturing and strengthening Hungarian-American ties and relationships.

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