Reka Nagy, Ph.D. – Founder & Presidentzsolt-reka-viola-107

Born and raised in a Hungarian family in Cluj-Napoca, Romania Reka was raised with appreciating multiple cultures and knowing the importance of preserving her own in an environment, where Hungarians were considered a minority group. She is now living in Arizona, where she brought this love of culture with herself and is a full time instructor of Communication Studies at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ where she teaches Intercultural Communication among other courses. Her vision is to build the interest of people in each other’s cultures and build bridges where there are walls. Her passion is to help individuals progress by making an effort to understand each other, to understand those who are different.

Emese András-Letanovszky ,  Vice-President & Director

As a Hungarian who lived in different countries and experienced different cultures and life-styles, Emese likes to volunteer her time to help build and sustain a Hungarian culture oriented community in Phoenix. She would like to preserve and share Hungarian culture and traditions with Hungarians and non-Hungarians, who have interest to learn about other cultures.

Edit Vasadi Denning, Director

Edit was born and raised in Novi Sad, Serbia, which was previously Hungarian territory. She later immigrated to Hungary with her family, where she lived the majority of her life. As a young adult, she later moved to Italy for two years to study design. Edit is now living in Phoenix, Arizona with her American husband and their two daughters. Moving countless times taught her to cherish the moments spent with her family. She enjoyed documenting her stories to share with those who couldn’t be there, so she started her wedding photography business to inspire others to show what really matters in life. Her business is now predominantly serving multicultural couples and families. Edit’s passion and goal is to build a community of intercultural families and support those who struggle with cultural differences.

Julie Pek, Director & Secretary

Julie Pek is a realtor in Arizona. Having grown up in Cleveland as a first generation Hungarian, she’s learned the language and culture and traveled to Hungary many times. She is dedicated to help the Hungarian Cultural Association of Phoenix to grow and carry out its mission.