Why Us?

Why pick us as one of the charities you support among all the amazing ones that participate in this program?

Without the Hungarian Cultural Association and the Napocska Hungarian School, your family, your children would not have the access they do to their Hungarian Heritage. We strive to offer cultural and educational programs of high quality with performers, guests, educators that have a strong knowledge base, experience, and good prestige. Some of these fly in from Hungary, or other part of Europe, at times from different states from within the U.S. Besides honoring their work, paying for travel expenses, lodging, we also need to rent space for these events. Applying for grants is a great option. But grant money does not cover half of the expenses. At times it is not even money that we need help with to cover costs, but man power. Thus we greatly appreciate all volunteering applications as well. You can pick and chose what to volunteer for since there are many opportunities that we offer. Do what you love and what you are talented at while helping out your community!

Be part of building the legacy of Hungarians in Arizona and the American Southwest.

How To Best Support HCAP

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The options mentioned above are all great ways to directly help our efforts. To become a member please click here. To offer your help as a volunteer click here. To support us by giving a donation please click on the donate button below.

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There is no amount too small. Everything helps. Donate on Pay Pal Charity here, or pick your preferred platform. Here are a few options that we set up. Keep an eye out for the Facebook Fundraiser as well on our Facebook Page.

My family and I have attended two events hosted by the Hungarian Cultural Association, and we had a wonderful time at both of them. The food is amazing—authentic homemade meals and desserts. I also like how they offer activities for all ages to enjoy—crafts, dancing, archery and more. It is a great opportunity to learn more about Hungarian and European history and culture, as they share poetry, music, authentic clothing and traditional holiday celebrations. Everyone is very warm, friendly and welcoming (and it’s ok if you don’t speak Hungarian!). We look forward to their next event.

K. Wilcox