Kultúrát ajándékozni (…) azt jelenti, hogy szomjúságot ajándékozol.

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

***COVID19 Update***

Dear Members,

Our school has transitioned to online learning until further notice due to ongoing concerns over the spread of the Corona virus. All classes will be online for the time being and you will receive a separate e-mail from your teacher with all the information you need to continue classes with us online. Please make sure you communicate with your teacher directly.

Thank you for your support throughout this challenging time.

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The school was an initiative of Hungarian parents and grandparents living in the Valley. It exists under the name of ‘Napocska Hungarian School’ since 2016 and it is operated by the Hungarian Cultural Association of Phoenix, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Philosophy of the Napocska School and present activities

Our goal at the Napocska Hungarian School is to provide extracurricular activities every other Saturday for children of Hungarian descent or anyone who is interested in learning Hungarian, and getting to know the culture better. Our curriculum focuses solely on secular topics: Hungarian language and Hungarian heritage/culture. The school has an important role in preserving and disseminating the Hungarian culture as well as building community. 

Activities are held in four groups:

  1. Mommy and me group (newborn – 3 yrs)
  2. Preschool age (4yrs – 7yrs)
  3. School age (8yrs – 13yrs) – two groups: one for intermediate language speakers and one for advanced speakers preparing them for the A2 ECL language exam
  4. High school age (14yrs-18yrs) – for advanced speakers: preparing students for the ECL B1, B2, C1 language exam

We are adjusting the curriculum to the language skills and age of our students. Usually during the Mommy and me activities children learn Hungarian rhymes, games, and songs. With the preschoolers we focus on developing their vocabulary as well as playfully learning those letters that are specific to the Hungarian alphabet. The school aged students develop reading and writing skills, along with knowledge on Hungary’s history, geography, literature, and many other interesting topics.


We are conveniently located in a preschool facility provided by our partner, Mind and Body Kids Preschool, a beautiful environment for all of our age groups with plenty of toys and recreational opportunities on the outside playground during breaks or after classes end.


Classes are taught by volunteers with either an academic degree in Hungarian language and literature, or early childhood education, and cultural studies.

Current staff

Important Info

When: every other Saturday at 10am

Where: Mind and Body Kids – Early Childhood Education Center, 9510 N 75th Ave, Peoria, AZ 85345

Contact: hca.of.phoenix@gmail.com or (480) 685 6626

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/phoenixnapocskamagyariskola/

At the Napocska Hungarian School learning is made possible through the generous donations of our parents, faculty, and the broader community. Donations are an integral piece of our school’s operations.