About The Scholarship

The HCAP Scholarship is awarded every year. The amount depends on donations and the contribution of the HCAP. The maximum amount per applicant is $1000. In case the amount of donations exceeds $1000/ no applicant is selected based on the below listed criteria/ or there is no applicant, the amount rolls over to the next year.

Application Criteria
  • The applicant has to be a young individual applying to a college
  • Maximum age is 25
  • The applicant has to be a member and/or a supporter of the HCAP community
  • The applicant has to show proof of 10-15 volunteer hours spent at HCAP events.*
The Application Consists Of
  • Resume written in Hungarian
  • An essay, at least half a page typed (Times New Roman, 12pts), preferably written in Hungarian, about the applicant’s contributions to the HCAP community, support and preservation of the Hungarian culture. Essays written in Hungarian receive more points.
  • At least one reference or recommendation letter regarding the applicant’s activity within the Hungarian community
Selection Process
The scholarship is awarded based on the decision of the HCAP board. There can be multiple applicants selected or none.

The HCAP reserves the rights to:

  • Change any of the above terms after the scholarship’s award date and the opening date of applications the next year  
  • Change its financial contribution to the scholarship
Deadline For Applications

The application must be submitted to the HCAP via email at info@hcaphoenix.org every year between 4/1 – 4/30.

*Two out of these hours can be on a presentation given at HCAP or its Napocska School.