We offer a range of events to help you Arizona Hungarians build community, get to know each other, preserve the Hungarian culture, learn and practice the language. Not sure which one to attend? Try them all! If you have questions related to these events, get in touch below.

Community Tuesdays

We have started these virtual meetings in March 2020, during the outbreak of COVID19. The main purpose of the event is to be able to connect, get to know each other better, build community by listening to interesting life experiences, share useful information on topics like health, living in Arizona, raising bilingual children, discuss difficulties of communicating between two (or more) cultures, etc. We are inviting speakers/discussion starters to these meetings who are experts in the field, who are practicing specific trades, who are knowledgeable in topics related to Hungarian culture and language. More about this event.

Beszélsz Magyarul?

The goal of these meetings is to help practice your Hungarian in an informal setting. Meet up for light snacks and/or drinks with others who are also interested in getting to know other Hungarians/Americans of Hungarian origin and have discussions in Hungarian in order to practice. More about this event.

Language Learning

We offer language learning opportunities for adults and children.

Adults meet once a week on Wednesdays. For more information please visit our page.

Children at our Napocska Hungarian school meet twice a month, every other Saturday. We have four groups based on age and language skills. To learn more about our school, click here.

Let’s build community together.