Students Preparing for the Grape Harvest Festival

Last Saturday students at the Napocska Hungarian School were pretty busy.

First, we spent time practicing for the Grape Harvest Dinner. Of course, we incorporated some games as well, because we needed to take a break from our hard work 🙂

Then it was time for crafts, since everyone was excited to create some decorations. (We would like to thank the moms who were the most excited about having to cut and glue paper for about half an hour :p)

Everyone was (and still is) very excited and we can’t wait for Saturday to come!

Here’s a sneak peak to our activities.

Photo Credits: Edit Vasadi Photography

Special thanks: Mind and Body Kids

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HCA Phoenix

The Hungarian Cultural Association of Phoenix (HCAP) is an independent, all-volunteer, educational, charitable and non-partisan organization open to anyone with interest in nurturing the Hungarian language and culture, regardless of world view, nationality, or religion. Our goal is to nurture the Hungarian language, culture, identity, and traditions, and make them available to present and future generations through educational programs, celebrations, commemorative events, and social gatherings. Through our mission, we aim to broaden familiarity with the Hungarian culture within the American community, thereby nurturing and strengthening Hungarian-American ties and relationships.

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