Happy to introduce… the Napocska

We have great news for you! It has been almost a year that we started our Hungarian school and the Hungarian Parents’ Club of Phoenix. To celebrate this and also for other purposes we thought, that it would be an awesome idea to find a name for our school, something that would represent us, that would characterize our activity, and something that would set us apart from any other organization. Thus we decided to name our school Napocska Magyar Iskola. ‘Napocska’ is a diminutive used for ‘Sun’ in Hungarian.

Living in Phoenix, where the sun is shining pretty much all the time, we could say that the name characterizes our environment. However, relating our name to the Sun means so much more than that. The Sun has been used as the symbol of knowledge many times throughout the history, philosophers and poets in many cultures portray it as something that enlightens mankind. The light of the Sun is needed for us to see, to experience things. The warmth of the Sun nurtures all living beings. This school would like to be the sunshine in your life. A place where your children are happy, where their eyes are opened to the world, an environment in which they would feel protected and well taken care of.

We hope to see you often at the Napocska Magyar Iskola!


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HCA Phoenix

The Hungarian Cultural Association of Phoenix (HCAP) is an independent, all-volunteer, educational, charitable and non-partisan organization open to anyone with interest in nurturing the Hungarian language and culture, regardless of world view, nationality, or religion. Our goal is to nurture the Hungarian language, culture, identity, and traditions, and make them available to present and future generations through educational programs, celebrations, commemorative events, and social gatherings. Through our mission, we aim to broaden familiarity with the Hungarian culture within the American community, thereby nurturing and strengthening Hungarian-American ties and relationships.

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