The main goal of the HCAP is to preserve and pass down the Hungarian language, music, and culture to younger generations of Phoenix-area Hungarians and friends. In order to be able to accomplish that, to organize social, cultural, and educational events, we need funds. Part of these funds can be covered by members.

Why is this important? Because we would like to offer high-level programs. This could not be accomplished without renting adequate rooms, purchase supplies, mail out formal invitations and publications, pay appropriate honoraria to our distinguished guests, etc.

With your membership, for example you make possible:

  • Our support of the Hungarian Parents’ Club of Phoenix and Hungarian School (Phoenix-i Magyar Szülők Klubja és Magyar Iskola)

  • Organizing reading events (Irodalmi Kör)

  • Organizing Movie Nights (Film-est)

  • Having Hungarian Language Groups for Adults (Nyelviskola)

  • Organizing sports and recreational events (Sport és kirándulás)

  • Other cultural programs and social events, such as Saint Nicholas Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas celebration, Hungarian Folklore Day, special dinners and lectures

The membership entitles you to:

  • Discounted admission to HCAP events, and priority access (in the case of overflow)

  • Receive our Newsletter that provides access to important dates, events, and topics of interest

  • Significant professional and personal networking opportunities