The Hungarian Cultural Association (HCAP) or in Hungarian, Phoenix-i Magyar Kulturális Egyesület is a community of individuals of Hungarian descent. We welcome all Hungarians, American Hungarians with an interest in Hungarian culture who, without regard to political or religious affiliation, and in accordance with their talents, opportunities and interests, support the Society and take part in its activities.

Membership is open to all interested in the Hungarian language and culture, without regard to world view, religion, or origin. A member is defined as someone who has paid an annual membership fee.

Communication most of the time is in both Hungarian and English. The reason for using English is to accommodate everyone since there are many Hungarian Americans who feel strongly about their heritage but may not speak the language or never had the chance to learn it properly. We would not like anyone to feel alienated.

The HCAP is a non-profit organization run by a President. All members operating for the Association are Volunteers and do not receive any money or compensation in any form for the services rendered to and for the Association.

No Director/President shall receive any compensation from the Association for services performed in his or her official capacity, but they may be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in the performance of official duties.

The funding member of the Association is:

  • Dr. Réka Vicsacsán-Nagy, President