Hungarian School!

The school year has started! Make it count! Our activities at the Hungarian School start on September 9 at 10am. If you have toddlers, older children or even teenagers whom you would like to learn some Hungarian, you should join us. We have activities every other Saturday. There are two teachers who welcome you and … Continue reading Hungarian School!

Celebrate August 20-th with us!

On August 20-th we are celebrating the foundation of the state and king Saint Stephen, the first Hungarian king who also converted Hungarians to Christians. On this occasion we are going to watch the all famous rock opera “István, a király” and have a potluck during which you will be able to meet other Hungarians, … Continue reading Celebrate August 20-th with us!

Father’s Day

We celebrated Father’s Day in collaboration with the Hungarian Parent’s Club of Phoenix and organized a fun event for dads: we went bowling. It looks like everyone had fun and we managed to hide from the heat 🙂