Grape Harvest Festival

***For English, please see below*** Szeretettel hívunk, várunk mindenkit a Phoenix-i Magyar Kulturális Egyesület által szervezett jótékonysági szüreti bálra, melynek teljes bevételét az egyesület és az ezen belül működő Magyar Iskolára fogjuk fordítani. (Figyelem: Ez alkalommal nem a Magyar Iskolában találkozunk, hanem a Foothills Recreation Center-ben, ahol kibéreltünk egy szép termet.) Belépő: $15, mely tartalmaz … Continue reading Grape Harvest Festival

School never gets boring

We had so much fun last Saturday, that we wanted to share our experience with you. Besides learning about Autumn and Autumn traditions in the Hungarian culture, we spent time singing and dancing. Miss Kinga taught the kids some basic folk dance, meanwhile Miss Réka introduced the new game they were going to play and … Continue reading School never gets boring

Our Children Won 2nd Place!

We would like to congratulate our two teams who both won second place on a competition organized for Hungarian kids. The groups were enrolled in the Magyargyerek competition in 2016. This was a semester long competition during which the groups had to work on several assignments. By filling out questionnaires, making crafts, listening to stories, … Continue reading Our Children Won 2nd Place!

Fun at the Hungarian School

We had an amazing start of the semester yesterday with over ten kids who participated in the activities of the Hungarian School. After everyone giving us a summary of how they spent their vacation and what was the most fun activity that they remembered, we talked about the changes that we experience in the weather … Continue reading Fun at the Hungarian School