Interested in becoming one of our vendors? Please contact us by Nov. 28th at this address: info@hcaphoenix.org for more details.


For the leather crafting workshop please fill out this form.

For the ginger bread decorating please fill out this form.


We are looking for volunteers. If interested, please fill out the form.

Gift Bags from Mikulás

Each year the Mikulás (Santa) visits children and brings them small gifts during HCAP’s Christmas Market. Presents are free for those attending our Napocska Hungarian School. For non-members there is a small fee of $5/ child. If you would like a gift bag for your child, please fill out this form.


Where is this located?

The fair is going to be held at Glendale Woman’s Club located at 7032 N 56th Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301


Will there be parking?

Yes. There is plenty of parking in front and East of the facility. Parking is FREE.

Is this a fundraising event?

Yes. This is a fundraising event for our organization as well as the Napocska Hungarian School.

What will you be selling?

Food: We are selling authentic home made Hungarian food like: stuffed cabbage, gulyás (goulash), lángos (fried bread), kolbász (sausage), kürtős kalács (chimney cakes), home made chocolates, as well as other delicious home made pastries.

Please remember that food will be sold until supplies last. Also bare in mind, that these food items are made in someone’s home, they are donations. There will be a few vendors as well.

Hand made Crafts and original items from Hungary: We will also offer hand made jewelry, ornaments, there will be a bazaar full of Hungarian items like embroidery, clothing, books donated by local Hungarians.

Any inquires regarding pre-ordering sausage: info@hcaphoenix.org


Will you have entertainment for the kids?

Yes, feel free to join us, since we will have plenty of entertainment for the whole family! During the performance of the Napocska School Santa is going to visit us as well.

If you would like a present for your child/children please register here: info@hcaphoenix.org

Do you have photos and more information on previous fairs?

See this post on one of our Christmas Markets by clicking here.