Getting Ready for Christmas

This past Hungarian School we have talked about Thanksgiving. The fact that it is not celebrated in the Hungarian culture did not stop us to express our gratitude to those who have a special place in our life. We are thankful for all of our children, the parents who bring them to learn with us … Continue reading Getting Ready for Christmas

Magyar Iskola és Játszóház 11/19

We are meeting this Sunday again for kids activities at the Napocska Hungarian School. ATTENTION: this weekend the school activities are going to be on SUNDAY, not Saturday!!! For specific information on activities, crafts, what to bring, etc. please join our Facebook Group: We hope to see you there!  

HCAP Family Weekend

The HCAP organized its first Family Weekend and it looks like everyone had a blast. Although in the morning it looked like that it’s going to be a sad rainy autumn day, we ended up having such a nice weather. We started our activities with some games until everyone arrived. Then we had lunch and … Continue reading HCAP Family Weekend

Thank You!

We would like to give thanks to each one of you who attended our Grape Harvest event! The dinner was so successful, we couldn’t have wished for more. The presence of the General Consul from L.A., Tamás Széles, the beautiful folk songs of Kinga Cseri, and the performance of the kids from the Napocska Hungarian … Continue reading Thank You!